Some tidbits about Benjamin

I am a 30 year old pastor of a 3 year old Vineyard in Northeast Austin.  I am married to a ninja princess named Simone and have three swashbuckling boys, Cadence (6), Eli (4), and Wyatt (1).  I grew up in a pentacostal, charasmatic, methodist, and Bible Church milieu, therefore the Vineyard was a perfect fit for me.  As well as pastoring, I teach Spanish full time at a high school in Pflugerville, TX

After doing the competitive percussion gig in high school, I picked up some congas in college and fell in love with the freedom leading worship from percussion allows.   Currently, I lead (with some other fine musicians) with a wireless headset mic sitting at a drum kit constructed from the heart of a percussionist.


2 responses to “Some tidbits about Benjamin

  1. Wow you lead worship from a drum kit,thats pretty cool. you look like you’ve done this blog thing before as well, im still limping along trying to get everything set up right Ahhhh technophobia strikes.

  2. benjamintennant

    I share your pain about trying to set up all the techno stuff. But I think it will be worth it.

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