Monthly Archives: February 2010

A Texas Sun – A Coffee Room Floor – A Headphoned Head

Sitting here looking for inspiration.

I see it in the sun, crowning with green newly moist earth
The cars ever passing, the wheels ever turning
I see it in the floor, dirtied from the rubber of worn out souls
Time always running, life never stopping
I see it in the coffee sippers, the endless commuters and in the questioning smiles of attention seekers
Production at all cost. No time to think. Or not to think.

What is the “it.”

A lost longing for the thing only fully known when found.


Starting up again.

It’s high time I started blogging again. So here goes.

Today I am writing notes to some folks I love and appreciate. I am actually handwriting them. I wonder, what affect does that have on people? What effect does it have on you? I would love you thoughts.

In an age when personal communication is vastly pixelated, are handwritten notes and letters becoming that much more meaningful? I hope so. Because there is certainly much more meaning in them when I write.

In fact, for some reason I often feel more of a prophetic edge to my writing when seeking to encourage through stationary that through say… facebook. Perhaps it is the time I am spending and the extra through required.

What do you think?