My thoughts on worship conversations (Essentials Blue)

“For: The Institute of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen’s University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.

Along with 150 other worshipers, musicians, and creative kids from around the world, I have started the intensity that is the essentials blue course. The first week is about to end and as I look back on it, I realize that I have read quite a bit and thought quite a lot about theology, creativity, the nature of God, and how our thoughts on those things critically affects how we choose songs, select worship media and otherwise “craft” a worship experience for others to enter into.

And you know what? I am enjoying myself. I love the interaction with all these artist-thinkers. I love the contemplation. I love the mental crunches.

I mean, of course it’s important to sing songs about God that represent the truth about him.  But why don’t I normally take that into consideration?

I considered our set list this week and realized that almost all the songs were exclusively about our love relationship with God. We must write more songs ourselves! There is such a dearth of songs about Justice and Creation.

Tomorrow I am going on a 24 hour retreat to a bed and breakfast. I will miss my family, but I will need it.


5 responses to “My thoughts on worship conversations (Essentials Blue)

  1. Hey Benjamin
    Icame to the same conclusion about the songs concerning the issue of justice. this is the way my better half rationalised the lack of this type of song. Creation = No end of subject matter we are it and we live in it.
    relationship= We are all in one with God and other humans on a daily basis.
    Justice= our sense of what is right or wrong, God looks at, laughs at (affectionately) and says you know what I dont think the way that you do on this. So for us to write about Gods justice without serious prayer and study and meditation on it is like trying to catch the wind.

  2. benjamintennant

    That is interesting. I suppose it is true that justice is a bit more ambiguous. It is a bit harder to nail down.

    Do you think that songs are the redeeming nature of the cross serve as “Justice” songs as well?

    Songs like, “You have Redeemed My Soul” by Enter the Worship Circle, or “I Have Been Redeemed?”

  3. I think that songs about the redeeming nature of God can be classified as songs about justice, or at the very least our response to the echo we hear.

    After the first couple of posts on the Facebook classroom, it became clear that many of us agree that there are not very many songs addressing social justice. To that end, I started to jot down some thoughts. I posted them on my blog in the form of a lyric.

    One last thing – are you okay if I add you to the list of blogs I follow on my blog page?

    Fellow classmate, Connie

  4. One more thing, if I may…. 😉
    I used your link to David Ruis’ blog. His new DVD is called “When Justice Shines.”
    Anytime I have ever heard him or seen him, I have seen that the issue of social justice has been a huge force and focus of his worship. Very cool.

  5. benjamintennant


    Yes, by all means you can post my blog as a link in yours. I would be honored.

    And you are right about David Ruis. It seems he just exudes the topic of Justice. From his work in Canada with Native American reconciliation to his work in Asia, to what I remember him doing with music in California. He is a good model for us to follow in the arena of Justice focused worship.

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