The Worship Pastor (Essentials Blue)

“For: The Institute of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen’s University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.

One thing I love about the Vineyard is the concept of a worship pastor that has been promoted by the churches I have been in. I like the idea of a leader shepherding a group of God’s creative kids much more than someone whose sole responsibility of leading others or a team of others into worship. When I am being lead in worship, I find that I respond much more to someone leading if she has been willing to share her heart with me and has made attempts to care for me.

Somehow (although not surprisingly) when I feel a connection with the people leading worship, when I have been in their living rooms, and when I am aware of some of their struggles, problems and fears, their example of heartfelt worship does much more to draw me into the presence of God.

I hope the be the kind of pastor that I like to have for myself. Certainly my life is leading me in that direction, since I am the lead pastor of a small church. On any given Sunday, it may be true that the day before they were with me installing a floor in someone’s house, fixing a roof, or watching their daughter at a flag competition. We’re a small church, and one that stresses authenticity and emotional health, so much of my baggage – bad habits, sins, childhood issues, anger management problems and hangups with God are available to be seen. And the same for me about them. I know most of the quite well. I am not just their worship leader, I am their pastor. And they are not just the congregation, they are my friends.

I hope that through this essentials course, I experience an increase in this fusion of ministry worlds. God, draw me more deeply into your presence and there make me more like you – the ultimate leader (err.. object) of worship and and the kind of friend everyone wants to have.

Fun picture of a fun time and a fun friends ranch.

Fun picture of a fun time and a fun friends ranch.


One response to “The Worship Pastor (Essentials Blue)

  1. Hey Benjamin
    Thanks for your comments on my Blog whadda you know maybe I could manage this technical stuff. Im a worship leader at Southend Vineyard in th u.k (Kinda near London I suppose) and am getting to grips with becoming a Worship Artisan. See you around.

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